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Desensitising: Fireworks & noises

The best way to help your dog to loud noises and fireworks is to desensitise them.

You should be practicing your exercises every week in your home, garden and on every walk. 

Please play this in the background “Often Everyday”.

Please practice your training exercises more often over the coming weeks in your home with the link on the background, starting at low and slowly building up to a louder volume. You should also leave this playing in the background as you are cleaning the house, moving around and/or banging on the computer etc., as I am presently doing, it is on loud as I have repeated this exercise many many times and I am getting no reaction from my 3 dogs, 7 yrs old, 21 months and 10 months old. 

If your dog gets upset just simply lower the volume down and keep practicing your training exercises or going about your day to day stuff.  Don't molly cuddle your dog, remember if you pet them and talk to them you will reward that behaviour and they will repeat it every time they hear noises and fireworks.  And the last thing you want is to create a dog with severe noise phobia’s....however if you already do have a dog like this....this exercise will help desensitise your dog and help bring him back to calmness.

Let them sit beside you by all means but be aware of your own actions and only comfort them when they are quiet and/or calming down. Talk gently while praising them for being calm, giving a soft pet will help them understand you are calm and the bad noises don’t upset you.  They will follow your lead of calmness. 

They look at you for guidance and “your body language” will teach them.  Stay calm and teach them, you do not get upset because they are upset, they will learn their behaviour will not get a reaction from you. But they will also learn if they sit quietly with you, you will give them a gentle soothing pet as you normally do. 

Remember.....Always recognise the behaviour you like and praise them for the behaviour you want them to repeat.

  1. ·         What you can do to help your dog.
  2. ·         Walk your dog only during the daylight times.
  3. ·         Give them a secure place to go to ie: cage, a bed under the stairs etc.
  4. ·         Close curtains
  5. ·         Turn volume up on radio/T.V.
  6. ·         Give them an interesting chew, bone, stuffed cone, interactive toy to keep them focused on something else.
  7. ·         Make sure your dog has an up-to-date ID disc on it’s collar and your dog is mircochipped,
  8.      Many dogs will run away when outside, dogs get injured by running across roads etc. Or they will run so far away to hide behind a bush or something, it may take hours to find them or if you are lucky your dog will be picked up as a stray with a chance of you recovering your dog, or you may never find them again.  So do all you can to prevent what you can and help teach your dog, noise and fireworks aren’t a bad thing and stay calm.

Here is a video on YouTube to help you and your dog, play it in the background by:

Henrik Emanuelsson

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