Watching Closely!
We are currently running dog management classes.  Thanks to Renfrewshire Council, Muirshiel Regional Parks and surrounding organisations and the alike, we receive permission to teach classes in a variety of different parks.  We are deliberately teaching classes in public parks so that we can help with a shared complaint that many owners have, how to control your dog whilst outside.  Many clients tell us that their dog is great in a controlled hall but when it comes to the real world they cannot get their dog to respond with distractions about.  So we go to a different park each Sunday, giving you the confidence and skills required in the real environment. 

Classes  Advance class starts at 11am Intermediate class starts at 12 noon, Beginners class at 1pm Registration is £10 per dog.  £35.00 X 6 weeks blocks paid in advance, other than registration the price for 6 weeks blocks will be the same for multiple-dogs in the same household.   Each dog must have a handler.

Children age 10yrs plus are always encouraged to attend and get involved. 

Don't forget to dress for our lovely Scottish weather, snow, rain or shine we will be there.

Desensitising: Noise and Fireworks


If your dog does a good recall away from the stimuli reinforce the behaviour you like, if they did not, keep doing short recalls until you get eye-to-eye contact.


Always show praise and click/treat/praise the second you get

Eye-to-eye contact with your dog.