Grooming FAQ's

Q.  How often should I brush my dog?

 A.  It is recommended that dogs be groomed by the owner daily/regularly 2-3 times per week and professionally every 4-12 weeks

 It is important that you begin grooming from puppy age so that they can learn it is pleasurable and never something to fear, as this causes biting and a fear biter is hard to retrain.  Whilst grooming you can check for fleas and ticks.  And any other skin conditions such as open sores, warts and lumps etc., which may need veterinary advice.

 12 weeks old

Q.  My dog hates grooming; no groomers will accept him and I have to have the vet clip him whilst under sedation, what can I do?

 A.  I accept vet referrals.  There is always a risk when being sedated and as your dog gets older the risk becomes higher. I will be happy to develop a grooming program for you and your dog but I must have your commitment.  

No Problems!

Q.  How often should my dog’s toes nails be cut?

 A.  If your dog walks on pavement a lot then they should not need it often but if they are walked all over the mountains (soft ground, grass) then every 6-8 weeks, this includes the dew claw.  Always keep an eye on this, as it will curl up quickly and if it catches on something it can rip right off and veterinary care will be needed.

                                     Long nails hurt

Q.  Why do dogs need regular grooming?

A. When dogs get matted, the hair tightens up in a bundle until the skin is being pulled. 

This can cause considerable pain to your pet with every move they make!

Think how it would feel if you were not able to lift your arms or legs, you would find it painful to do any task. So how painful must it be to run and play? Your pet ends up being miserable all the time; until one day someone finally decides to have you groomed….

Ahh…thank you!

Dematting can and is painful if not done carefully, when a dog is full of matts, being brushed can be torturous.  So brushing regularly and properly is very important.  When done so, the bond between you and your dog will strength and he will come running to you when he see's the brushes rather than trying to hide.

It is also very important to find a professional dog groomer who will do just that.  All dog's have different tolerance levels and it may take considerable time to dematt your pet. If your dog has matts we do charge extra because of the time and the amount of people required to kindly undo the matts.  In some cases it is in the dog's best welfare that we clip them down.

Severe matting