Door Control

Teaching "you" the skills to teach your dog good obedience behaviour.

Walking through the door

 1.   Dog is on a leash sitting beside you in front of a closed door.  Open door just a little and slowly.  If the dog moves, simply close the door, take a step towards him getting him to sit/stay in the position he was at, then unblock the door and go back to your positioning of opening the door.  Try again and keep repeating until your dog sits/stays and you can open the door. 

2.   When you have opened the door a little, proceed to open it fully, should the dog move, close the door again and put dog back into sitting position and try again.

3.    When you have opened the door fully and the dog is still sitting, move one step towards the door.  If the dog moves out in front, stop and start again, if not continue to walk through the door and gently with the leash bring the dog with you at your side.  Should the dog at any time walk in front of you, stop immediately and start the exercise again, go back to stage one and build up to this stage again. The dog should only move with you and beside you and it should never be allowed to walk in front of you.


Note:   Keep repeating this exercise with every door in the house, going in and out of the front and back door; keeping doing so until the dog learns the only way through the door is beside you.  He will begin to learn within a few attempts of this exercise.  Keep practicing and remember to keep it short and praise him using his name when he does what you want him to do no matter how small and never get upset with him as it is not his fault for not understanding what you want him to do.  Practice and praise will teach him what is expected from him and dogs love to please their owners.

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Basic Obedience

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