Basic Obedience

Below are a few basic behaviour all dog owners should practice at all times.


1.                  When walking through a doorway and out into the street or in places there are distractions, the dog should stay beside/behind the owner’s legs and should never rush out in front.  It may only walk through the door with you and when you say so. 

2.                  When walking up and down stairs, the dog should never go in front, they should always walk behind or beside you if the stairs are wide enough.  So many accidents happen when a dog rushes in front and the owner falls down the stairs. Block all attempts with your legs and not allowing the dog to pass you.  If they do, immediately put them back behind you and walk up/down the stairs blocking any chances of passing.

3.                  When coming home and the dog is greeting you or your visitors it should never be allowed to jump up to say welcome home. You should always take your coat off, put your grocery bags on the table, or put the kettle on for a cuppa.  When and only when your dog has four paws on the ground then you can say hello to your dog.  Should your dog jump up in excitment, stop the welcome and walk away, when calm again, make a point of going over and say hello.  Repeat until your dog can calmly say hello. 

4.                  When out with your dog whether on a leash or playing freely your dog should never jump up on passers by.  Many a dog can push people over very easily and hurt someone and you, as an owner can be held liable and sued.

5.                  Under no circumstances should a dog show its teeth to a child or person!  Stop playing biting from the very begining, do not allow anyone to think it is okay because they are a puppy.  Puppies and older dogs will play bite together this is not acceptable behavour towards a human.  Scream out loud when the dog play bites and act as though it really hurt, call out, "No Biting".  Go back to playing giving them a chance to learn the threshold and if the dog play bites for the second time, scream out loud as though it really hurt, call out, "No Biting" and walk away stopping the game.  Wait for some time to go by before you intiate play time again.

6.                  Dogs will tell other dogs off using a growling tone and may show teeth, this is one way of communication and teaching other dogs good manners but under no circumstances should your dog instigate a dogfight!

7.                  When out with your dog he should never be allowed to chase or jump up on cyclist passing by.  Or chase cars!

8.                  Of all the commands a dog can learn the most important command in my opinion is, “come.”  This can save his life if in a dangerous situation; it is better to be able to control his behaviour before he runs out onto the road.  Or if he is running too far off in the distance and goes out of sight, you’ll have no control, as you can’t see what he is doing or going. 

9.                  Walking should not be stressful but enjoyable for both you and your dog.  He should never be allowed to pull you whilst on a leash.

10.              When giving your dog a treat they should never snap it out of your hand, their mouths should never go over your fingers but rather take it gently from you.

11.              Dogs should never be allowed to worry livestock; the farmer has every right to shoot-to-kill. 

12.              At an early age you should socialise your dog to as many environments as possible including the countryside, all animals, farmer markets, crowded areas, introduce them to buses, trains, as much as you can every time.

13.              As a general rule, dogs should not be allowed to sleep on the couch or your bed, you should provide a good bed for them and encourage them to sleep in it.  If you choose to allow your dog to sleep on the couch/bed it should only be when you have invitied them up and they should get off when you command them every time.