Forever Home Needed

Don't shop Adopt.

In every rescue centre there are dogs that was wanted when they were a puppy.

It was not their fault they ended up in a cold lonely kennel.

Please note, we do not make it a habit of advertising dogs for adoption but on some rare occasions we will.  Present and new owners will be required to sign a contract between them. 
  • The dog will not be left all day on their own, only a few hours at anytime.
  • A house and garden check of the new home will be completed by present owners.
  • A second visit to be allowed within 7-14 days to see if the dog is settling.
  • The dog must be castrated/dressed within 30 days of new ownership.
  • The dog must be micro-chipped and registered within 30 days of new ownership.
  • Present owner must tell new owner of any issues the dog may have, not good around cats, kids other dogs etc., etc.
  • Surprise visits will be allowed here and there so that the present owner can feel satisfied that their dog has gone to a forever home, once satisfied these will cease.
  • Up-dates/photos would be appreciated at intervals, ie: Christmas.
  • If for whatever reason the new owner cannot care for the dog then the previous owner will be notified immediately and the dog will either:
  • Go back to them if original owner requests it, and:
  • Be involved in the re-homing of the dog.
  • The new owner must sign and abide the above contract and a copy of the contract will be mailed to orginal owners with new owners contact details.
  • A copy of the above must also be sent to K9 CHAT
  • Training classes would be a bonus to any dog.
Should you wish to enquire for more information on the dogs please contact us via email.  We will pass your details onto the owner. 

Should you wish to put your dog on our site, the following terms must be meet by both parties, only genuine reasons for having to re-home your pet.  We do not help breeders sell their puppies or re-home their breeding dogs.