Teaching “you” the skills to teach your dog good obedience behaviour.




All dogs should be able to walk with a leash on, there will always be occasions that your dog will be able to run free, however the law requires that in most instances your dog must be on a leash.   So many times I see the dog taking his owner for the walk rather than the owner being in control of where and how soon they get to their destination. You would think your pet would learn from all the choking they suffer and would stop pulling.  But they don’t, as they are the ones in control and demanding that they get to where they want to go.  When the walk is finished, they usually walk home like an angel, this is because they are satisfied they won the game.

The following exercises help the dog to learn to accept the leash as part of his accessories and that you are in control.  Remember to take each stage one at a time and when he messes up here and there; go back through the stages one by one, as this will help him understand what pleases you.  Every time you feel a little frustrated stop the exercise on a good note and wait for a little while to pass before repeating the exercise. Dogs love to learn what pleases their owners and praise is the easiest and most effective way to teach.


Stage one

Attach his leash onto his collar and allow him to roam the house for one hour per day to start off with and increase this to twice per day, always supervised.  He will learn as the leash follows him it is nothing to be spooked about and he will learn to accept it as he did with his collar.  From time to time pick it up and follow your dog around for a few moments, when he notices you holding the leash give a tit-bit and praise him, then drop it and allow him to roam around again. 

Stage two

Continue with stage one, but this time put the tit-bit in front of his nose and get him to follow your hand, put your hand beside your left leg and get him to follow you, while you hold the leash in your right hand. Make sure the leash is loose and never tightened it up, get him to follow you around staying beside your left leg as you walk around.  Just take 5 steps and give him the tit-bit with praise, drop the leash, wait for a short time to pass and start the exercise again when he doesn’t expect it.  Over the days increase the amount of length of time he follows you giving him regular treats as he walks beside your left leg. This is your game and he will enjoy playing with you if it is rewarding and fun.

Stage three

Now play. play, play this game outside in the garden along with the game “come”.  Get him to stay beside your leg and only when he is beside your leg does he get a treat.  As you give him the treat at the same time use the command “Heel!”

Stage four

When going for a walk, decide how long (time wise) 10-30 minutes that you are going for a walk, in the house get him to sit before you put on his leash, play the game for going through doors and continue the game as above. 

If he moves past your leg, stop walking.  Entice him back with a treat to your left leg and when he has done so either get him to sit or start walking with your left leg-giving him the treat at the same time calling out heel. 

If he continues to pull, you make the decision to either stop and do the above or go a different direction calling him to come and heel.  When he is beside your leg give him a treat, use the word heel and keep walking giving him regular treats, (this will decrease/stop, as time goes on) with a high and happy voice praise him using his name.  Keep doing this until you get to your destination and never allow him to win his game.  Do not let him pull you once and get away with it, as he will learn he can win too.  Remember this is now your game and at all times you must be the one to control it.

If your dog does not pass the driveway within the 10-minute walk you had decided on, bring him home; don’t get upset as this is expected for the first few days.  Take your coat off and wait for a while, play the leash game before you set off and try the whole exercise again.  Once you have reached the bottom of the driveway he may start up again, but stay calm and keep in control by playing the rewarding game.  You may only get to the end of the street and you may have stopped and changed directions for a thousand times but when your time is up go home.  He will learn that you are in control on how far and how fast you get there.  Don’t worry if he doesn’t get long walks for a few days; keep the games up in the house and in the garden. Keep trying everyday to go for a walk 2-4 times per day, he will learn you are in control, he will learn to walk beside you without pulling whilst receiving praise and treats from the person walking him on a loose leash.

And never give the same walk twice in a row; always change your walking routine, as this will really strengthen you being in control of the walk.  This is why it is important for you to stop and change direction the moment he tries to pull. You are the Leader!

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Basic Obedience

Beginning steps of 'come'

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